The"Tool Box"

We are going to give you 5 tools in 5 weeks that will revolutionize every relationship you are in, friendships, co-workers, boss, parent-child, dating or married. Our entire life is built on relationships. You don't need thousands of resources, you need One and it comes with 5 tools. We're going to give you some tools, straight out of scripture, to revolutionize every relationship your in.


The "tools"

In this section you'll find the 5 tools. We will upload a new one each week.

  • Duct Tape

    This week we are going to dive into the main tool that holds all of the rest together. Every issue in every bad area of every relationship comes back to this: communication.

    The external issue is rarely the issue and the health of your communication is 100% under your control. So how do we use it the way God intended? Check out the message by clicking here. Get the notes by clicking here.

  • Caution Tape

    What does it look like when you put boundaries around your relationships. It's looks like healthier relationships with way less regrets. What are some areas you need to put some caution tape around? Check out the message by clicking here. Get the notes by clicking here.

  • Sticky Notes

    In a world full of compromises and expectations that ultimately lead to pain shame and regret; How do you avoid the damage? How do you get the best of what God has to offer? How do you walk in the grace of forgiveness and newness? Sticky notes of course.

    Preview this week's notes by clicking here.