Meet Our New Pastor: Scott Willmore

Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team follows three main principles: sharing God’s story, training disciples and sending those disciples to serve others. Our elders are:

  • Tim Haskew
  • Rob Moore
  • Tommy Raburn
  • Randy Simpson
  • Wayne Sanders
  • Chuck Jay
  • Scott Willmore - Lead

Our deacons are:
  • Don Berger
  • Scott Gibson
  • Hugh Kilpatrick
  • Matt Hartley
  • Richard Saliba
  • Adam Tant
  • Jason Stapp
  • Rob Stringfellow
  • Danny Hicks
  • Tom Collins
  • David Hill
  • Wes Walby

Our ministers are ready to help you strengthen your spiritual life. Reach out to us today to learn more about them.

Who are we, really?

When we took a long, hard look at ourselves we realized several key things about TWCC.

We enjoy a contemporary style of worship and preaching that remains true to the scriptures.

We are relational. That's why having small groups in which people can enjoy close community with others is important to us.

We are missional. We believe that the most important ministry happens outside the walls of the church building. You will find TWCC involved in local, national and international outreach and service missions.

We are a diverse group of people. We come from many different church backgrounds, life experiences, professions and even geographical locations, yet we are bound together by the infallible truths of the Bible and our love of God and others.

What drives TWCC?

We are all committed to three principles that drive everything we do:

TELL (God's story)
TRAIN (Through discipleship)
SEND (In service to others)

We accomplish this through three programming mechanisms.

Our worship services, whether for our adults, youth or kids, are the main vehicles through which we TELL God's story. We do that through our music and dynamic biblical preaching.

We are a church that makes use of small groups as the way we TRAIN disciples. We offer groups for all ages and at varied times throughout the week.

We SEND those who are ready to our Ordinary Heroes program which provides the opportunities to find an area of service that will allow you to make an impact in the lives of others.

So we are asking three simple things of people: come to a worship service, connect to a small group and commit to making an impact in the lives of others through service.